New H.D. Trilogy and H.D. Biography Wikis Launched

In light of the new international recognition of H.D.’s Trilogy and after discussion with many H.D. Society members, the H.D. International Society is launching two new wikis–The H.D. Trilogy Wiki and The H.D. Biography Wiki. These wikis offer a collaborative space for H.D. scholars worldwide to share annotations, connections, notes, and details that might not otherwise surface in scholarly publications. By leveraging the collective knowledge of the group, together we can create valuable teaching tools and research resources for expanding our knowledge of H.D.’s life and writings.

The wikis include detailed instructions for citing and crediting individual contributions. Anyone wishing to contribute need simply to send an email requesting a username and password to or We ask that you follow any new contributions you make with your name in boldface brackets: [contributed by Firstname Lastname] to assist in proper citation by any wiki users.


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