H.D. in Popular Culture

Photos of H.D. from throughout her life, courtesy of the Beinecke Library Digital Collections and New Directions Publishing Corp. Images inclue undated images of H.D. bathed in sunlight in floral dress, H.D. in Egypt in 1923 standing before a partially ruined sculpture of a seated couple, H.D. with a ribbon in her hair, H.D., Norman Holmes Pearson, and Bryher seated before the Sterling Library at Yale University in September 1956, and H.D. seated on a rocky hill wearing pants and a jacket and possibly a beret.
Photo of a Sigmund Freud doll wearing a parachute with the label "Sky Diving Sigmund Freud" printed on the chute.
Sky Diving Sigmund Freud by Archie McPhee (CC BY-NC 2.0)

H.D.’s inspiration and presence plays a vibrant role in popular culture. While the H.D. International Society does not endorse or support any¬†merchants, we do find it exciting to see H.D.’s inroads in commercial culture.


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