Circles: H.D./Bryher | Strange Flowers

  James J. Conway’s Strange Flowers blog includes brief profiles of H.D., Bryher, and members  of their social and literary circles. This posting also features a brief glimpse of some of those  circles in a graphic format. Source: Circles: H.D./Bryher | Strange Flowers    

Teaching Tribute to Freud and Borderline

See Tamara Beauchamp’s Web site for English 102D Topics in Twentieth Century Literature: Modernist Subjectivity for examples of teaching H.D.’s Tribute to Freud. Pages: H.D. Reads Aloud | Modernist Subjectivities Lecture Notes: H.D.’s life, relationship to Freud, and Writing on the Wall Lecture Notes 2: Borderline, H.D., and Kenneth Macpherson Borderline (1930) Course Post

H.D.’s Helen in Egypt Featured in PoemTalk Podcast

Hear H.D. read Helen in Egypt while scholars and poets close read selections from the poem in the podcast from Poem Talk #84 “The I as Hieroglyph: H.D., Helen in Egypt” with Julia Bloch, Dee Morris, Annette Debo, and host Al Filreis (27 Jan. 2015). This podcast offers excellent background into H.D.’s sources for the poem as well as detailed pathways… Continue reading H.D.’s Helen in Egypt Featured in PoemTalk Podcast