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notes on texts, manuscripts, or other details of writings by H.D. and her circle

Paul Robeson’s Transatlantic Welsh Concert Audio

Listen to the introduction and first song of the Transatlantic Welsh Concert performed by Paul Robeson in 1957 after his passport was revoked and he was unable to travel to the UK. The clip on YouTube includes the introduction to the concert by Will Paynter, president of the South Wales Miners, as well as Paul Robeson’s comments and “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel.” The SAIN Wales label includes a biography of Robeson through a Welsh lens as well as a downloadable copy of Robeson’s complete Transatlantic Exchange Concerts.


Paul Robeson’s Welsh Connection Video by Visiting Wales

Visiting Wales’s YouTube site includes a brief profile of Paul Robeson highlighting his performances and political work in Wales, a connection begun with the POOL Group circle that produced Borderline.


Nicknames and Acronyms Used by H.D. and her Circle

This page from one of H.D.'s scrapbooks features 10 images of men in bathing suits and beach wear and H.D. in a sun hat, arrayed in a fan around a black, red, and white roulette wheel. One image centered at the bottom of the page shows H.D. and what appears to be Kenneth Macpherson seated at a small table with steps and other cafe tables behind. These images most likely record their trip to Monte Carlo and include images of Robert Herring as well as Macpherson, described in Herring's books, Cactus Coast (Imprimerie Darantiere, 1934). [Note on image by Celena Kusch]. Photo from Yale Collection of American Literature. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.H.D.’s letters and even published writing are riddled with nicknames and acronyms (e.g. Fido, Beaver, Bear, Pup, Dactyl, Buddy, Cole, and so many more). Louis Silverstein published a key to those nicknames in the H.D. Newsletter in 1987, and that list remains an invaluable reference today.

I Found It at the Watkinson! Blog Archive Palimpsest by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)

Check out this blog post about the material details of a first edition of H.D.’s Palimpsest by a student researcher at the Watkinson Library at Trinity College.

Book Cover H.D.,'s Palimpsest from the I Found It at the Watkinson! Blog

Book Cover H.D.,’s Palimpsest from the I Found It at the Watkinson! Blog

Timeline of H.D.’s Publications and Manuscript Production

Screen Shot of the Timeline of H.D.'s Publications

Screen Shot of the Timeline of H.D.’s Publications

For a multimedia bibliography of H.D.’s publications, including both dates of composition and publication, see this interactive timeline.

This project was compiled by Celena E. Kusch and Kristian Wilson in 2014-2015, with entries based on information in the Silverstein Chronology.

H.D.’s Circle of Correspondence at Spicy Nodes

Screen Shot of Node Map of H.D. Correspondents

Screen Shot of Node Map of H.D. Correspondents

Although H.D.’s circle extends beyond the people in her files of correspondence, it is possible to map her circle of friends, acquaintances, and correspondents, based on her archives. The map below shows all of her correspondents based on the finding aids in the Beinecke, Bryn Mawr, and several other special collections libraries (Go to SpicyNodes to see it in full screen). Any overlaps with Bryher’s files of correspondence are also indicated. Click any name to expand and explore further connections. Contacts are nested under the people who introduced H.D. to them. Created by Dr. Celena E. Kusch, co-chair H.D. International Society.


Many members of the H.D. International Society have interesting and important notes about H.D.’s writing, manuscripts, or life. Please share them here.