Charlotte Mandel Publishes “Light’s Music” with Blue Lyra Press

book cover of Delphi Volume VIII, poetry collection by Carly Sachs, Lois Marie Harrod, and Charlotte Mandel. Art image is a representation of a woman viewed from behind walking through a print of flowers and leaves.

In Light’s Music, Charlotte Mandel focuses on both beginnings and ends. In her grandchildren and great grandchildren, she celebrates new life and her legacy going forward, her Jewish heritage honored and preserved—all from a voice reconciling and making close getaways from the inevitable as she prepares for the day “shadows come forth” and she can “dissolve” and rise “to rose-red smoke.” This chapbook is a strong distillation of precision in poetry and hope for us all.

–Mary Francis Wagner

Charlotte Mandel’s new chapbook, Light’s Music, has been published in Delphi Volume VIII with Blue Lyra Press.


Jane Augustine Publishes High Desert

Published by Dos Madres Press, Jane Augustine’s High Desert (2019) shares with H.D. a sense of the living landscape and an attention to the underlying connections between disparate spaces, experiences, and even times. As Mary Mackey notes, ” In High Desert, Jane Augustine brings us vast stretches of wilderness, richly textured images, political awareness, and the transformative power of paying close attention to ordinary objects. The range of the poems in this collection is all-encompassing, stretching from an intense, almost mystical, contemplation of the angled shadow of a deck rail to Syrian bombings, tsunamis, Suzuki roshi, and the Kaliyuga.”

This gorgeous collection not only evokes H.D., but also pays tribute to her in specific poems.


CFP American Literature Association San Diego, May 2020, deadline Jan 25

American Literature Association Conference Web Page Screen Shot
American Literature Association Conference Web Page

The H.D. International Society will sponsor one session at the 2020 annual conference of the American Literature Association, May 21-24, 2020, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA. The range of new work in H.D. studies has included new approaches to H.D.’s response to war, to the environment, to gender and sexuality, to film, to life writing, to avant garde experimentation, to the archives, and much more. We look forward to sharing your fresh insights at the ALA conference.

Please send proposals (up to 250 words), along with a brief biography or curriculum vitae, to Celena Kusch, co-chair of the H.D. International Society) at Submissions must be received no later than January 25, 2020.


“The Most Famous Photograph of Poets Ever Taken”

Erwin Tiongson’s Slate article (11 Dec. 2019), “The Most Famous Photograph of Poets Ever Taken,” features a 1948 photo published in Life Magazine. Although H.D. was not part of this group and indeed was convalescing in Switzerland at the time, the image features many members of her literary and personal circles.

Photo portrait of 16 poets, taken in 1948. The poets are arrayed in a group in front of the bookshelves of the Gotham Book Mart. Source: Slate Magazine.
Lisa Larsen/The Life Images Collection via Getty Images. Image links to the Slate Magazine article, “The Most Famous Photograph of Poets Ever Taken”

Nearly all of the 16 poets featured in the image contributed to Life and Letters Today, the magazine owned by Bryher from 1935-1950. The magazine was edited by Robert Herring, but correspondence between Herring and H.D. shows that she made hands-on, substantive contributions both to the content of the magazine and to the scope of contributors.

Of the poets pictured, the following were all Life and Letters Today contributors: Horace Gregory, Marya Zaturenska, Edith and Osbert Sitwell, Richard Eberhart, Charles Henri Ford, W.H. Auden, Elizabeth Bishop, Marianne Moore, and Delmore Schwartz. Most of the rest were one degree of separation from those contributors.


Bryher and Havelock Ellis in “Language, Labels and Categories” panel at Transformations Conference

two juxtaposed photos of Bryher, one as a young woman with long hair, and the second with short hair and wearing a militaristic suitDiscussing the insufficiency of labels and categories for gender and sexuality, panelists in the History 2 Workshop  explored the cases of Bryher, Havelock Ellis, and several other twentieth-century artists, writers, and intellectuals. The panel was part of Transformations: Exploring the History of Science and Gender, an interdisciplinary conference in Exeter, UK.
logo banner from the Transformations conference


Lara Vetter’s A Curious Peril Out in Paperback

photo of book cover of A Curious Peril featuring an image of H.D. in a wide-brimmed hat seated at a table taken during the period of her late prose

Lara Vetter’s A Curious Peril: H.D.’s Late Modernist Prose (2017) is a Choice Outstanding Academic Title, and now it is available in paperback. The book provides both a political and intellectual context for H.D.’s late prose that extends far beyond H.D. and makes the work an excellent anchor for any course on late modernism, literature and WWII, or literature and war in general.

from the University Press of Florida Web page:
“Vetter’s book stands as an important corrective to accounts of H.D. as ethereal and disconnected. She shows, carefully and persuasively, that H.D.’s engagement with politics was not merely the interest of a woman who happened to live through some seismic shifts in political and national history, but that H.D. was engaged to the extent of the imaginative construction of possible social and political futures.”—Review of English Studies


Events in Finding H.D.: A Year-Long Celebration of Hilda Doolittle in Bethlehem, PA

Finding HD 2019: A Community Exploration poster with photo portraits of H.D.
Finding HD 2019 Web Page at the Bethlehem Public Library

Lehigh University, the Bethlehem Area Public Library, Mock Turtle Marionette Theater, and the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center are joining forces to promote a year of community engagement with H.D. and her legacy. The year of events will culminate in the debut of a new play in October 2019.

A complete calendar of events is available online.

Find out more about the people and projects in this Morning Call news article.


CFP American Literature Association Boston May 2019, deadline Jan 15

American Literature Association Conference Web Page Screen Shot
American Literature Association Conference Web Page

The H.D. International Society will sponsor one session at the 2019 annual conference of the American Literature Association, May 23-26, 2019, at Westin Copley Place in Boston. We have had excellent panels at ALA lately, and we hope you can join us. 

The American Literature Association’s 30th annual conference will meet at the Westin Copley Place in Boston on May 23-26, 2019 (Thursday through Sunday of Memorial Day weekend).  For further information, please consult the ALA website at

Please send proposals (up to 250 words), along with a brief biography or curriculum vitae, to Celena Kusch, co-chair of the H.D. International Society) at Submissions must be received no later than January 15, 2019.

All the best, 

Celena Kusch & Rebecca Walsh, Co-Chairs, H.D. International Society


Bethlehem Area Public Library Dedicates Plaque to H.D. at Former Site of Her Childhood Home

Lehigh University Flier Announcing the dedication of a new plaque honoring H.D.

Unlike many of the beautifully-preserved Moravian buildings of Bethlehem, PA, H.D.’s childhood home did not survive. On the site now stand the City Hall and, perhaps fittingly, the Bethlehem Area Public Library. In September 2017, United for Libraries named the site one of 160 literary landmarks. For a local newspaper story about the dedication, see The Morning Call‘s “Literary Landmark in Bethlehem Named in Honor of Hilda Doolittle.”

1874 Map of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, showing Helen Wolle’s family home