H.D.’s Circle

H.D.’s Circle: The People and Movements Surrounding H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)

This page from one of H.D.'s scrapbooks features 10 images of men in bathing suits and beach wear and H.D. in a sun hat, arrayed in a fan around a black, red, and white roulette wheel. One image centered at the bottom of the page shows H.D. and what appears to be Kenneth Macpherson seated at a small table with steps and other cafe tables behind. These images most likely record their trip to Monte Carlo and include images of Robert Herring as well as Macpherson, described in Herring's books, Cactus Coast (Imprimerie Darantiere, 1934). [Note on image by Celena Kusch]. Photo from Yale Collection of American Literature. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Map of H.D.’s Correspondents

Inner Circle


See Bryher's influence throughout H.D.'s Network of Correspondents in this Node Map of the people in H.D.'s archives of correspondence.
See Bryher’s influence throughout H.D.’s Network of Correspondents in this Node Map of the people in H.D.’s archives of correspondence.

Movements of Modernism

Women’s Literary Tradition

Classicism and Myth


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