Teaching H.D.

H.D., Egypt, 1923. Photo courtesy of Norman Holmes Pearson and New Directions Publishing Corp. Image shows H.D. with hat and scarf standing before the partial statue of a seated couple in ruins in Egypt.Teaching H.D.: Curriculum and Resources about H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)

H.D.’s writings can play an important role in a variety of courses. Her “Helen” is widely anthologized in textbooks at various levels (secondary school and beyond). Her work is readily accessible and valuable in courses on poetry, life writing, experimental fiction, historical fiction, gender and sexuality studies, modernist studies, literature and psychoanalysis, literature and religion/spirituality, feminist theory, the modernist long poem, classics, literature and anthropology, children’s literature, literature and fairy tales, either world war, translation, epic poetry, and early film.

Recent syllabi pair H.D.’s Asphodel with Marianne Moore’s “Marriage” as a gender studies interrogation of that institution, or link H.D. with Robert Duncan/Susan Howe and William Carlos Williams with Charles Olson for an examination of the development of 20th century poetry.



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