Publication of H.D.’s Trilogy and Beyond edited collection (ed. Helene Aji, Antoine Cazé, Agnès Derail-Imbert, and Clément Oudart)

Segment of Book Cover for H.D.'s Trilogy and BeyondThe second English-language collection of essays from the 2013 H.D. and Modernity Conference in Paris has been released (September 2014). H.D.’s Trilogy and Beyond, edited by Hélène Aji, Antoine Cazé, Agnès Derail-Imbert, and Clément Oudart, includes essays by Hélène Aji, Jane Augustine, Christine Battersby, François Bovier, Annette Debo, Vincent Dussol, Xavier Kalck, Céline Mansanti, Susan McCabe, Fiona McMahon, Sanna Melin Schyllert, Christanne Miller, Cyrena Pondrom, Matte Robinson, and David Ten Eyck. 

A book overview (in French) and complete table of contents (in English) are available at the Presses universitaires de Paris Ouest.


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